Lauh Yatra: All India Relay Cycle Expedition

16th October, 2018 - 27th January, 2019

In the backdrop of the double burden of undernutrition coupled with the rising incidence of NCDs (Non-communicable disease), the need for a mass movement to empower people to ‘Eat Right’ is the need of the hour. Right eating habits are the most sustainable and cost-effective route to preventive healthcare, and there is a need to create awareness on eating healthy and eating safe. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), in partnership with States and other stakeholders is organising a relay cycle expedition to promote the message of safe and wholesome food in the country.
The Lauh Yatra being proposed uses the Salt Satyagraha as inspiration, and proposes to focus on double fortified salt (salt fortified with iron and iodine) to address the rising cases of anaemia in the country. Salt is considered the most appropriate vehicle for addressing iron deficiency, hence promotion of double fortified salt (DFS) is the key focus of the campaign. This ‘Salt satyagraha’ represents our fight against anaemia that is widely prevalent and a serious public health concern. The cyclothon would also be used to promote the larger objective of nudging citizens to ‘eat right,’ by “eating safe” (safe food practices, hygiene, combating adulteration) and “eating healthy” (balanced diet, first 1000 days, fortified food and avoiding HFSS foods).

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